Adventure of a Lifetime

If you’re a member of the morning commute in Atlanta (or, in Nashville or Indianapolis for that matter), you’re probably familiar with Bert Weiss. This fast-talking radio personality has brightened the radio waves with his gab-fest, The Bert Show, for over a decade. In that time, a few co-hosts have come and gone, but some elements have remained constant: the caffeine rush runs high; the conversation gets bawdy; the callers speak their minds; and the focus frequently returns to philanthropy.

Occasionally, the conversation will turn to Weiss’ flagship cause, Bert’s Big Adventure, an annual five-day outing where Weiss, along with his wife Stacey, take a group of children with chronic or terminal illnesses to Disney World for an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime. The charity has been around since 2003, and in that time, dozens of deserving families, with children who have endured more than most of us can imagine, have participated in the program—in other words, kids who haven’t had a lot of fun in their lives, get to act like… well, kids.

And this isn’t just a plane ticket, a stack of park passes and a pat on the back, either. Bert’s Big Adventure, is, as the name implies, big. Families, most of whom are barely able to cover medical expenses for their children, are selected. They’re put on a chartered flight. They’re taken around in limos. They get the best accommodations. They hang out with Disney icons and get princess makeovers. They ride the rides, eat the food, and have their own Bert’s Big Adventure ‘liaison’ guiding them every step of the way. These families get the Disney treatment in a way most of us can only dream of.

But the trip is only the beginning. When everyone returns home, something more magical than a week at the Magic Kingdom has taken place: friendships have been formed that will last a lifetime. As Bert puts it, “we have evolved into an organization that focuses on togetherness, not escape.” These relationships are cultivated through reunion adventures, or ‘family reunions—‘ unique events that give another chance at VIP experiences—and just a little while away from the doctor’s office.

Wife and co-founder Stacey says it best: “We know we can’t turn pumpkins into carriages, but we can help make difficult situations a little bit easier.”

Socialvest is so proud to be a partner of Bert’s Big Adventure. And you can help put a smile on these kids’ faces—just by shopping. You know the drill. Find out more at or by visiting Bert’s Big Adventure’s Socialvest page.